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Happy Anniversary: Thankful for 14 years of serving the community of Elk Grove/Sacramento. KJ's ATA Martial Arts started off as a dream that has grown into reality. To have make this dream possible there are so many to thank. Mr. Bill Dutter is a staple and pillar to the success of the school. Thank you to all the families that have walked thru these doors. I look forward to celebrating this with all of you Friday. It will be a time for celebrating the end of 2017 and to share some exciting news.
Along the way of this journey so many families I do not want to exclude thanking, so I will not try to say all the names but all the Instructors that have made the sacrifice to help teach the beautiful art of Taekwondo and help shape lives thru the teaching of life skills, thank you. To the Parents that entrusted me with the most important treasure that God gave you, your children, thank you. To Senior Master Derwin Yee, your wisdom and friendship continues to be invaluable. You have made me a better Instructor and Student, thank you. To all the Seniors in Region 107, thank you for your time, support and knowledge.
Songahm Grand Master Lee you were one the first Master's I met and have learned so much from, you have given so much to the ATA and I am humbled to call you a Great Mentor, thank you for the growth and wisdom I gain every time we see each other.
Looking forward to continued growth
Humbly yours
Master Kevin L. Durant, Sr.
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Reminder: We will still have class tomorrow and Friday while Ninja Star takes pictures.

Slots are still available.
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Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and families have a blessed day.

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Reminder: Holiday Sale today & tomorrow from 5-7pm. Order your Black XMA Uniform. BIG SAVINGS πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ ... See MoreSee Less

Class Schedule Reminder:
Monday & Tuesday Open Floor 3:30 - 4:30
Holiday Sale- Monday & Tuesday- 5pm to 7pm
Closed for Thanksgiving- Wednesday thru Saturday

Have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving

KJ's ATA Martial Arts
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Thank you to all the Men & Women that serve from KJs ATA
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