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Pre-School Age

Our Pre-School age programs is specially designed for ages 4-6 to help them with skills like coordination, listening, and other life skills.

Traditional Kids Program

Our “Karate for Kids” program is
specifically designed for ages 6-12.

Teens & Adults

Our Teens and Adults classes focus on Self-Defense and Fitness
while continuing the Life Skills needed for all ages.



KJ’s ATA MArtial Arts provides dynamic Karate instruction programs for adults and children in the greater Elk Grove and Sacramento area. As proud members of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), we strive to offer the best for our martial arts students. One of the main reasons people select KJ’s ATA Martial Arts over all other martial arts schools is our excellent martial arts instruction and Karate tournament experience.

Belief - Part 1

Belief - Part 1

Posted by KJ's ATA Martial Arts on March 2nd, 2017.
Building Confidence
From a parent of a 4 year old

“This program has helped my child increase their confidence in every part of their life”

I never thought I'd find something like this

“Through this program I’ve lost 30 lbs. I feel better and can do more things that I really enjoy!”


Program Benefits
Life Skills to help students thrive
Confidence, Perseverance, Self-Control, Discipline, Respect & More

Each cycle focuses on a life skill that students are encouraged to demonstrate in all aspects of their life.

Make new friends!
A safe environment to encourage interpersonal skills.

Our program helps students make good friends and teaches them how to stand up to peer pressure.

Practical Self-Defense
For the times that you aren't with them

We all wish we could be with our kids all the time, but for the times you aren’t – our self-defense training will help keep them safe.

Convenient Class Times
We know that you have a busy schedule.

Our convenient class times fit even the busiest of schedules!

Fitness made fun!
Enjoy working out for a change.

Our Teen & Adult classes have an emphasis on fitness – at YOUR speed.  We can modify aspects of the program to make sure your personal journey is a success.